italwork rolls
servo press production line

Let us speak about... ECO IMPACT of our ECO-LOGICAL servo press, most welcome by the environment if you consider that:

- it may be fed with lighter raw material like thinner aluminium foil or paper instead of aluminium.

- it has a very high mechanical transmission efficiency (90-95%).

- it secures lower average electrical consumption (40-60% less).

- thanks to its fully controlled production cycle and high accuracy moulding allows lower scraps, reduced maintenance and longer life-time of blade, mould and press itself.

- it is programmable for shorter working cycle and easy to be set up for small volume jobs which means no waste of energy, time and materials.

- it needs an extremely low oil consumption less than one litre per year.

- it has minimized the down times and improved the safety.

- it allows the possibility of moulding not very first quality materials avoiding huge wastes.

The result is a very small CARBON FOOTPRINT and a ECO-FRIENDLY press.

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