italwork rolls
plastic, paper, metallized and aluminum blades
aluminum blades
for blanks

Our automatic blade edging machine range are unique machines available on the market, engineered for the application using hot-melt glue at very high speed and precise positioning of a box blade (the “saw”); it may be plastic (transparent or matt) plastic metallized (gold or silver offering a ‘metal effect’), paper based (cellulose, kraft, treated thick, etc..), light aluminium and other materials too.

The paper saw fixing grants the possibility to integrally eliminate the package waste (box, core and blade) that are all paper-based, which means the lowest eco-impact.

The raw materials for the production of the blade (plastic, paper, metallized and aluminium jumbo rolls) can be purchased directly from the machine user and not compulsory supplied by the machinery producer itself. In fact our blade edgers have been engineered to be fed with your own raw material, to be practical at operating, fast as setting up procedures, easy as maintain.

The machine “creates” the blade without scraps and offers the possibility to produce from a very narrow to very large blade widths. The hot melt glue may be

applied as a line or multiple dots, on request also a spiral pattern. As an option we can also supply different kinds of blade teeth design.

This highly versatile machinery is predisposed to fix the blade either at the edge or on internal side of the blanks which are dedicated to the boxing of house-hold rolls and also can be adapted to apply the blades on the E-flute corrugated blanks for catering boxes

Let us resume that thanks to our blade edgers you will have:

- your own raw materials suppliers wherever you like.

- a very short machine amortization/pay back time.

- very high and repeatable profits thanks to a blade cost up to 5 times lower.

- a very versatile machine, satisfying every requirement from the market either as blade materials, kind of blanks (like characteristics and sizes) and the saw

will be applied on both house-hold and catering blanks (compact body).

- the possibility to apply the blades aesthetically more attractive and suitable to cut every kind of consumer rolls material (cling film, aluminium, baking paper

laminates, etc...) less dangerous in cutting and ideal for recycling.

- the chance to consolidate your presence on the market, having the possibility to offer cheaper blades with the lowest eco-impact.

- the possibility to make more money and profits thanks to the extremely high production performances. 

Our blade edgers range includes manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic versions as well as an in-line blade edging group.

Within our machinery production program there are still available the old generation version of metal (aluminum) blade edging machines (semi or full automatic).

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