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The press PTP/SW has been specifically engineered for the production of aluminium foil containers (wrinkle-wall, smooth-wall, air-line-lacquered) as well as paper containers for cakes, desserts, pies and fluted paper trays and paper dishes, having shaped and round edges the same as the classic alu foil containers.

By only and easily changing tools, our PTP/SW press is able to produce from very light paper muffin trays up to strong heavy BBQ alu foil containers, from light candle holder small containers up to thick-large paper trays for pizza and plum-cake so as it is able to produce the same identical container in alu round edge and paper bended edge.

Few minutes to lock the tool with ram and to recall the stored working program parameters. Few seconds for set-up the minimum closure position and suitable opening position so as fast adjustment of feeder height (electronically operated). Furthermore, it may be scheduled our slide out system to speed up loading and unloading of heavy tool which will be removed or inserted in few seconds with a one hand operation only.

These operations can be performed quickly and safely by non highly specialized technicians due to the high technological level of the machine.

The panel control is a practical 10’’ touch screen. The data storage on flash card can be recharged on other PTP/SW presses. The same flash card of machine may be charged on external PC down-loading the production data.

The servo press may be equipped with a remote control unit (tele-assistance) by which, through a network connection, our engineers from Italy may visualize, in real time, all the setting-up parameters and operating conditions, so as we can directly enter into PLC or drive units program and modify, adjust or re-program the machine.

If you want to reach high performances, lower scrap levels, less maintenance, long-life time, you need high quality mould combined with a great soft operating press and our Company can meet your wishes through our top level tools and our PTP/SW press.

The servo press is the ideal combination of speed of mechanical presses, power snapshot of hydraulic presses with added benefits of greater flexibility, reliability, simple operation and maximum security for the operator.
It consists of a high power brushless motor and a special screw for heavy-duty (derived from aerospace and military technology), electronically controlled by a CNC that allows movement of the moulding process.

Resuming, these are main servo press PTP/SW advantages:

  1. No more mechanical adjustments.
  2. Highest production performances.
  3. Highest quality production results.
  4. Largest working width (up to 1150 mm.) with greater number of cavities for large-scale productions.
  5. Possibility to use low quality and/or lower thicknesses aluminum.
  6. Very limited downtimes thanks to easy setting up and working programs recall.
  7. Highest mechanical transmission efficiency (approx. 95% motor energy directly on the tool).
  8. No vibrations and lowest noise.
  9. Longest moulds and press lifetime.
  10. Lowest power consumption (power is used only when really needed).
  11. Lowest oil consumption (approx 1 litre per year).
  12. Highest versatility using old customers’ moulds.
  13. Limited, practical and safer maintenance on the mould directly executable inside the press.
  14. Instantaneous assistance through remote control.

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