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Our alu-foil containers packaging lines PAK have been engineered to create multi-containers package piles which means that a defined numbers of foil containers are enveloped through cardboard strips and/or tight shrink wrapped suitable to keep the pilling-up of packed sets of containers securing an easy final packaging into cardboard cases. These lines may start just down to the press or after container stacking unit or through manual feeding of the containers packs onto the inlet conveyor of the packaging line.

The PAK plants are modular and may be composed with in-line container overturning unit and/or with the de-stacking device then, if needed, an automatic feeding of folded cardboard lids (and/or paper sheet feeding unit), then the container packs can be enveloped through a cardboard strip, and/or proceeding the products may be wrapped through plastic film duly welded and shrink wrapped adherent, in order to keep still pilling-up the multiple containers packages (see hereunder scheme).

We can also supply machinery suitable to handle through dedicated pick and place group high containers columns which will be distended and then enveloped into weldable plastic film then duly sealed and at the end located into cardboard cases.

The classic container packs scheduled from 2 to 10 pieces/each unit. The working speed is basically up to 15/20 packs per minute. Special high performance packaging lines may be dimensioned to reach production up to 40 packs/min.

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