italwork rolls
4 and 6 heads universal versions
4 - 5 - 6 heads brushless versions
dedicated versions

Our range of automatic household roll rewinding machines is currently considered to be the widest and most diversified available on the market. We start from basic rewinder (AC-ECO) 4 heads station basically equipped with hot melt gluing unit both for starting and closing rolls operations. Then we propose a medium version (AC-E) which can be equipped also with glue-less starting system and rolls closure through labeling unit, to follow with top versions (AC and AC-TB 4, 5 and 6 heads) which may be equipped with automatic tension control through brushless motors and able to reach the highest production performances.

Our re-reelers are basically engineered to work from 290 up to 460 mm. width, this machinery range also includes models which may start from narrow working size 100 mm. up to 600 mm. wide (eg: for narrow hairdressing rolls or for the widest Christmas turkey packaging uses).

These machines may be equipped with glue and glue-less starting system, the labeling unit, the system for easy cling film rolls opening, the perforating-precutting group so as the motheroll lifting system or the turret automatic unwinding station, etc…There are many optional equipments like the geometrical embossing unit so as the special micro-embossing group with trade mark logo brightening.

Our universal rewinders are able to convert alu foil PVC cling, baking paper so as PE cling film, grease proof parchment paper, alu paper and alu plastic laminated too. Some versatile models may be also set to produce medium-long length catering rolls. Range of speeds: from 20-25 up to 45-50 rolls/minute.

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