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servo press production line

Our electronic press PTP/SW is considered unique on the world market due to its technological operating system and characteristics. It secures the highest production performances, under quality and quantity point of view, when moulding aluminium wrinkle-wall containers, paper trays so as special container materials like smoothwall and super-smoothwall, lacquered and PET laminated, alu-paper coated trays.

The basic plant includes: mother roll brushless motorized unit, unwinding tension control and synchronization of material feeding, high performance electronic servo press. On request, we may supply high quality multicavities moulds, mother-roll lifting system, in line embossing units, alu foil lubricating unit, remote control for tele-assistance, moisturizing group (humidity nebulizer for paper), automatic parameter recall of solenoid valves, scrap recovery through rewinding station and independent compactor or else scrap exhauster and dedicated press, automatic high performance brushless motor stacking units, fast mould loading system, tailor made lowered bed plate, final product packaging line through welded film enveloping, shrink wrapping unit special version to still secure the pilling-up of container packs.

This machinery is addressed to:

1) trading companies of aluminum, paper and laminated containers, which would like to save money by producing instead of purchasing containers.

2) food cooking companies which are packing foods into aluminium, plastic and paper containers.

3) manufactures of plastic containers which are looking to enlarge their trays offer with new ecologic and more versatile packaging solutions.

4) manufactures of aluminum containers and paper trays which are looking for a really profitable, versatile and safer machinery solution.

5) investors of that countries which are looking for new and profitable businesses.

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