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Our machinery line dedicated to stretch films is nowadays the widest and most specialized on the market. We are able to supply either semi-automatic (mod.SAR-50.S) and automatic (mod.APS 50) re-reeling machines for whole rewinding of stretch film rolls.

The model APS 50 is the fastest in the world (able to produce up to four rolls of 300 Mt. length per minute).

We also manufacture slitter-rewinder for stretch and pre-stretched film rolls: we have a semi automatic version (SAT50) and we are the unique manufacturers in the world of a full automatic slitter-rewinder (APS 50RTN) which can simultaneously cut longitudinally up to 5 rolls in order to create the narrow size hand wrap roll through a 4 stations shafted turret unit.

Our line includes the semi-automatic (RPS 50.3M) and automatic (RPSA 50.3M) pre-stretching machines able to produce the classic well tight finished products thanks to the center peripheral winding by contact so as having the third motor may be selected the rewinding system with gap (no contact) obtaining the highly requested pre-stretched soft wound rolls.

This range includes also the special – unique in the world – machinery like stretch film net and multi-laminating pre-stretching machines

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