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The APMK TOP HN are the high performance top version of our blade edgers managed by brushless motors and PLC controls which also includes roll holding shaft to bear blade mother-rolls up to 800 mm. diameter. This unit is motorized and includes automatic blade material unwinding loop electronic control. Remote control system through dedicated device and electronic board on fixed phone line.

These models are able to reach – in accordance with blank-blade characteristics and specific versions (like APMK-TOP.HN11 or APMK-TOP.HN12) – mechanical production performances from 220/260 up to 300/340 blades/minute.

These amazing performances have been reached through an innovative and very high technology and thanks to a great hot melt gluer (400 dots/sec) engineered for high precision operating at the lowest consumption, scheduled for the glue application through continuous lines and on request may be setup a program for glue application through intermittent line. This unit includes a dedicated gun and special small diameter nozzle for the minimum possible glue quantity releasing.

On request may be added an extra curved outlet conveyor necessary to displace the end products back to blank feeder area, speeding up the feeding-stacking open.

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