italwork rolls
for blanks
plastic, paper, metallized and aluminum blades
aluminum blades

The model AMK is our automatic alu saw edging machine which apply on the household box blank an aluminum blade. The machine automatically takes, from the blanks storing unit, the carton blanks which are conveyed and positioned over the saw application zone.

The alu blade is obtained by cutting from a metallic strip coming from the mother-roll and automatically riveted on the carton blank. Always automatically the machine unload the finished product (blanks with saw applied) on a suitable belt conveyor.

Thanks to a specific engineered design and advanced technology the automatic version mod. AMK secures a great reliability and high production performances up to 5000/7000 blades/hour, always keeping an easy operating and limited maintenance. The machine apply by riveting the saw starting from a jumbo roll of aluminium foil. The blade will be applied on the edge or alternatively on the internal area of the blanks.

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