italwork rolls

This line is one of the special tailor-made plants engineered for the highest production and box packaging of catering rolls, either of alu foil institutional rolls, cling film professional food rolls long length and baking-parchment grease-proof paper medium-long length rolls too.

The FPC-S plant is the most complete line nowadays in the market for the box packaging of catering rolls. This line starts with a series of multiple high performance re-reeling machines then there are suitable conveyors for catering rolls displacing to the box packaging area. This machine group starts from an high capacity motorized blanks feeder then locate the customized blanks into the zone where may be applied the plastic or paper or metallized blade directly at the edge of the blank which proceed for a special pre-crashing operation and then will be erected (by a specific tooling-format) as open top box. In this condition will approach the top loading area, over dedicated conveyor where on request may be install a special dispenser for inserting of a single metal or plastic injection blade into the box which will also be filled through a pick and place group with the catering rolls.

Now the box will be closed using hot melt gluing units and just after an automatic check weighing system will eject any underweight boxes (due to roll absence or incorrect length). The final products may be unload for a manual storing or else may proceed to shrink wrapping or alternatively it go to the cardboard case packaging.

The H-FPC-30 line is the highest output production packaging plant for catering rolls. This line is usually based on customized blank design which secures output up to 30 boxed rolls/min. This line may be completed with fully automatic case packer and palletizer.

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