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The AC rewinder is the historical version of our production program. It is considered the most successful model as also demonstrated by its great sales statistics. It may be supplied with 4 or 6 turret rewinding stations and the philosophy of tension control is the classic (still highly appreciated) frictioning version so as the pneumatic philosophy and in the new generation through brushless rewinding motor.

This version has been sold all over the world to the largest household rolls manufacturers.  It may be equipped with a large range of accessories, securing the possibility to satisfy any customer and market request (glue-less starting, embossing, perforating-precutting, labeling, micro-embossing, easy opening devices, unlabelled rolls conveyor).

This machine is able to convert any kind of food packaging material like alu foil, PE and Pvc cling film so as baking, grease proof and parchment paper and laminated material (alu+paper and alu+plastic).

Range of speeds: 36-42 rolls/minute 

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